Welcome to the Holistic Health Membership

Empowering you to create a sustainably healthier lifestyle

What if...

You've been doing it wrong?

You read the articles, do the diets, try the supplements, crush the workouts, set the New Year's resolutions, and even ask "Dr. Google"

But you still don't feel the way you know you deserve to.

You think there's something wrong with YOU...

But you're wrong!

You haven't reached your health goals yet because you don't have the will power or self control all the tools and support!

Hi, I'm Kaytee...

I'm a functional medicine dietitian, health coach, and science sponge.

Tired of all the quick and easy health solutions hoaxes online?

Me too!!

I'll help you filter through all the media wellness BS to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance to feel your best!

6 Lifestyle Pillars

I'm going to be honest...

There is NO quick fix or pill to achieve the health and energy you've always wanted!

BUT it doesn't have to be as hard as you think!

A holistic and sustainable approach is key!

I'll support you in optimizing the 6 lifestyle pillars to create long-term mind and body wellness.

  1. Personalized Nutrition
  2. Functional Fitness 
  3. Optimized Circadian Rhythm
  4. Reduced Toxic Load 
  5. Daily Mindfulness
  6. Supportive Community

Knowledge is Power

Every month in the membership, we'll do a deep dive into a specific health topic.

I'll provide you with the most up-to-date science-based information PLUS guidance on how to implement the strategies into your own life. 

And trust me, I get it...

You're busy!

You don't need ANOTHER thing on your plate taking up your time and energy. 

That's why we'll take into consideration YOUR goals, lifestyle, needs, and preferences to identify how you can implement these health-promoting strategies in ways that will actually give BACK...

So you can have more energy for the people that matter most.

What to Expect

In the Holistic Health & Wellness membership, you'll:

  • Be part of our lively health-minded community
  • Join two group calls each month to learn, plan, and troubleshoot
  • Tune in for expert guest talks
  • Drop into 'office hours' for bite-sized support
  • Feel empowered with knowledge and tools to understand and implement health information (and know which is BS)
  • Receive hands-on guidance to feel your best mentally and physically long term...

Because you deserve to live your BEST life!

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